Kurt Angle Enters The WWE Hall of Fame With A Song In His Heart And Milk All Over

As is his calling card, Kurt Angle once again delivered at a major wrestling event. Did the Olympic-certified American hero meet expectations at the WWE Hall of Fame? Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true.

Orlando’s Hall of Fame ceremony saw an impressive collection of performers being enshrined with the WWE/TNA warrior capping off the evening. 12 Rounds star (and WWE title magnet) John Cena had the honor of inducting Angle which was framed as Kurt “coming home” to the WWE. Did Cena’s words and the accompanying video package stir feelings in Kurt Angle? Oh, it’s t– Wait, we already did that gag. Apologies. Yes, Kurt seemed genuinely touched by the whole affair.

Kurt’s speech stretched across his decorated wrestling career and featured the man paying tribute to Jim Ross, Dory Funk Jr. and his in-ring co-workers while finding time to engage his silly side. Hats were unveiled, songs were sung and the chilled milk was flowing. Kurt’s dry cleaner will likely be pissed with the end result, but it made for some remarkable television.

Diamond Dallas Page, Rick Rude, The Rock and Roll Express (complete with Jim Cornette on a live mic!), Beth Phoenix and Teddy Long also joined the WWE Hall of Fame on Friday night. Inspirational former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand was honored with this year’s Warrior Award.