Kurt Angle’s WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Speech Was Almost A Lot Wilder

Kurt Angle didn’t waste any time getting back into the swing of his old goofy self when he returned to WWE. His WWE Hall of Fame induction speech included wigs, singing, and a milk bath. But it turns out that it wasn’t nearly as weird or bombastic as he wanted it to be.

One of Angle’s most iconic moments was him driving a milk truck into an arena and spraying everyone he could with a milk hose. He wanted to recreate some of that magic in his Hall of Fame speech, but the powers that be thought a milk truck would be a bridge too far. Angle told the tale to WrestleZone Radio:

“They didn’t let me do everything I wanted to do! I wanted to drive the milk truck into the arena. [Laughs] The higher ups said, ‘That’s a little too much.’ You know what? The reason I wanted to come back to WWE, whether it was just for the Hall of Fame or they talked to me about being an ambassador or the GM role or me wrestling again. I really don’t know about that yet. I wanted to come back and thank the WWE Universe, the fans. I also wanted to give a message to the younger talent on how to deal with your career and not make the mistakes I made and also to take chances. I really tried to give the fans a moment I thought they wanted to see.

“I thought the only way to do that was to show them by example. Not that those guys didn’t watch me back then. A few of them probably never saw me even wrestle. A lot of these guys are pretty young. I wanted to show them what it is like to take a chance. Especially in a Hall of Fame speech. I don’t think anyone has ever done that before. I figured this was the best way to send a message.”

So yes, sadly, we were denied the milk truck entrance. But Angle made sure to make his speech fun and memorable, and remind everyone who watched him years ago why we fell in love with this goofball so much. You don’t always have to be a badass in wrestling. Sometimes you can just like milk. And if you’re Kurt Angle, you can be a wig-wearing, milk-drinking doofus who ALSO just happens to be one of the biggest badasses around. It turns out sometimes you CAN have it all.