What Is Kurt Angle’s Big Secret? Here Are Your Possible Answers

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07.17.17 26 Comments


WWE Hall of Famer and current Monday Night Raw General Manager Kurt Angle has as secret.

Via WWE.com:

For the past several weeks, Corey Graves and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle have been secretly discussing some sensitive information that could not only threaten The Olympic Hero’s career, but might just tear his family apart. On Raw, Angle will reveal the details to the world.

The Raw GM will make the revelation alongside a loved one, whose identity has yet to be disclosed. Who is Angle bringing to Raw, and what will they have to say? No matter what, the WWE Hall of Famer’s life and career are about to change forever.

With the reveal set for tonight’s Raw, we thought it’d be fun to recap all the latest news, rumors and gossip, and throw in a few suggestions of our own.

UPDATE: Watch Kurt Angle reveal his secret on Raw here!

It’s Stephanie McMahon

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From a longtime wrestling fan and regular Raw viewer point of view, this seems like the most likely call. It’s the conclusion we jumped to in last week’s Best and Worst of Raw column:

The show goes off the air with a hint about the Kurt Angle THIS WILL DESTROY ME text messages, with a bit about how he doesn’t care if people know, and how he’s going to invite the person on the other end of the phone to Raw next week. Also, he loves them.

That’s Stephanie McMahon, right? She’s been off TV since WrestleMania. Triple H knocked her through a table, so they’ve probably been having (kayfabe) marital problems. Kurt Angle has a previously established love of Stephanie, and wouldn’t it “ruin him” and get him fired if Triple H found out he was sleeping with his wife during a trial separation or whatever? God knows there isn’t a reason to bring over a legendary ex-WWE guy who spent a decade in TNA unless they’re gonna lose to Triple H.

Kurt and Stephanie have a long and torrid romantic history, as seen in this compilation video helpfully entitled, Stephanie Mcmahon Hot Sexy Lip Kiss Kurt Angle.

Plus, how long can Stephanie go without being the center of attention on Raw?

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