David Otunga Wants LaVar Ball Back In WWE And Is Begging Vince McMahon To Make It Happen

Getty/WWE Raw

Monday’s episode of WWE Raw featured a guest appearance from LaVar Ball, pro basketball’s weirdest stage dad, in a segment with The Miz built around gangly running, topless tai chi and hilariously peppered-in racial slurs from teenagers with live mics.

One WWE employee who loved the segment is David Otunga. The former wrestler and color commentator has been on movie sets since the most recent brand shake-up, but he keeps up with Monday Night Raw and told TMZ that even though the bit went “off the rails,” he thought it was the most entertaining segment of the night.

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The interview ends with Otunga openly begging Vince McMahon to bring the Ball Family back and let him have a segment with them. I don’t know a delicate way to say this, but shouldn’t he be begging to be on the show at all first, and then beg for a celebrity guest segment?

That said, I’d be into the reveal that the reason Big Baller Brand exists and can sell $500 ugly shoes for players who’ve never played a professional game is because they built a law team around a pro wrestler made of oil, sweaters and muscles. Big Baller Brand: you’re either with us, or you’re against us.