WWE Is Reportedly Trying To Book The World’s Greatest Heel, LaVar Ball

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06.25.17 10 Comments

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Ever since he first strutted into the national consciousness, sports fans have been convinced of one thing: they hate LaVar Ball. The overbearing NBA dad has spent the past several months rubbing everyone the wrong way, unveiling his son’s home-cooked overpriced shoes, and generally just being the absolute worst. Not even Ric Flair can stand the guy! Now that Lonzo Ball has been drafted No. 2 overall by the Los Angeles Lakers (thus fulfilling the prophecy), basketball fans are assured there will be years and years of LaVar antics to come.

Sports shows, radio hosts, Twitter users and anyone who thinks about sports even a little hates seeing or hearing about LaVar, and he’s always guaranteed to get people a little bit riled. Needless to say, WWE wants in on that action. The latest rumor, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, is that the company is working hard on trying to book LaVar for Monday night’s episode of WWE Raw, which takes place at the Staples Center. An Instagram livestream of the Balls’ table at the NBA Draft appeared to confirm the family is already talking about, or planning for a Raw appearance.

I know, I know; it’s rare for WWE to have their finger on the pulse to quite this extent, but if Eva Marie really IS done with the company, you need someone to replace her natural, nuclear heat. LaVar Ball: now and forever, the poor man’s Eva Marie.

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