LaVar Ball Strutting Onto An ESPN Set Full Of Swagger Is Your New Favorite Meme

Lonzo Ball‘s UCLA team got knocked out of the NCAA Tournament on Friday, and he and his father LaVar got a thorough trolling on Twitter because of it.

The Balls roll on, however, and Lonzo immediately declared for the NBA Draft after the loss. Furthermore, he appeared with his dad on ESPN’s First Take on Monday.

There were, of course, outlandish things said by LaVar on the program. Things tend to get blustery when Stephen A. Smith is involved, but what people were talking about after the appearance wasn’t what LaVar Ball said, but how he walked on set.

The internet instantly made LaVar’s entrance into a meme, as the internet does. This first one probably hits closest to the truth.

Lonzo is likely a Top-5 pick in the NBA Draft, but if LaVar can scare some teams away maybe he can fall to the Cavs. Or maybe… they can fall up to him if they keep playing defense like they have recently

Many people sympathized with Lonzo, who had to answer for his dad’s boisterousness more than once during the interview. He didn’t exactly look pleased walking out behind his dad.

He really did have the look of every kid who ever had to go somewhere he didn’t want to with his parents.

Swap out school for a hangout with some old people and you basically have the same effect.

I liked this one because self-deprecating humor is a valuable asset in these trying All-Ball-All-The-Time era.

Quite a few people pointed out that the swagger walk was straight out of WWE.

Others agreed that had a bit more of a Vince McMahon vibe about him.

LaVar’s got a lot more swagger here than he did playing rec league basketball, probably because there was no option to throw himself an alley-oop. Apparently he’d have the same walk out onto the football field, too.

Truly, it seems there’s little stopping LaVar Ball from taking over the sports world.