Linda McMahon Has Been Chosen To Join Donald Trump’s Cabinet Of Government-Entertainment

Pro wrestling magnate, former Republican Party candidate and lady who was once kayfabe drugged and kicked her husband in the balls so her son could dropkick him with a trashcan Linda McMahon is reportedly being chosen to join WWE Hall of Famer slash U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet as head of Small Business Administration. That’s a real paragraph.

Via Reuters:

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump plans to nominate professional wrestling magnate and former Senate candidate Linda McMahon as his choice to head the Small Business Administration, transition officials told Reuters on Wednesday.

The announcement was expected later on Wednesday.

McMahon, 68, is a co-founder and former CEO of the professional wrestling franchise WWE, which is based in Stamford, Connecticut. She ran unsuccessfully for a U.S. Senate seat in Connecticut in 2010. She was an early supporter of Trump’s presidential campaign.

The SBA, which has at least one office in every U.S. state, provides support to small businesses such as extending loans and making sure they get a percentage of federal contracts.

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It was previously rumored that McMahon was being considered as Trump’s Secretary of Commerce. She recently referred to Trump has a “great partner” based on his long history with WWE, and it’s been reported that the McMahons have donated more to the Trump Foundation than Trump himself.

Here are a few videos of the new head of the SBA in action: