Lucha Underground Comic Book Issue 3: Vampire Attacks And Arm Snaps

The Lucha Underground comic book has been amazing. Issue one gave us Rey Mysterio beating up be-mohawked fat guys, and issue two gave us the Disciples of Death murdering Big Ryck to create Mil Muertes’ skull throne. Now we have issue three, which deals with everyone’s favorite mashup of a ninja, a skeleton and Giva “The Arm Collector” Santana (hold the fear), it’s Pentagon Jr. and his evil mentor, Vampiro!

This fills in a little more of the season two opener with Ian, otherwise known as Vampiro, undergoing psychiatric evaluations and also detailing his time as Pentagon Jr.’s Dark Master.

It’s pretty standard stuff, Vamp sees Pentagon lose to Fenix, but realizes the young shape has potential. Vamp decides to take Pentagon under his (bat) wing and make him great. All Pentagon has to do is provide sacrifices to his new Dark Lord.

OH SH*T! STRAIGHT UP VAMPIRE ATTACKS!!! Also, I like how there’s a twinsie pair of luchadors just walking around an alley outside the temple. It really does add to the idea of Lucha Underground operating inside its very own Lucha-verse where it’s stranger to see a person who isn’t a masked wrestler in your day-to-day life. Those guys were probably headed to get some froyo, presumably at a store operated by other luchadors (now I want El Hijo del Ice Cream y Ice Cream Jr. to run a snack shop outside The Temple).

Anyway, back to the story. Ian is still in the psych ward, telling the doc about his time as Pentagon Jr.’s mentor and how friggin’ rad everything was. Package piledrivers, arm snapping and as always, CERO MIEDO!

Because Ian’s doing such a good job at being a big fat faker, his doctor discharges him, and lets Ian know that “Vampiro is dead.” You fool! You foolish fool, you’ve doomed us all with your utter foolishness!

See? I told you. Now Ian is dead, long live Vampiro, and Pentagon Jr. in addition to having ZERO FEAR, now appears to have some kind of evil vampire powers. No arm or neck will be safe in Lucha Underground ever again!

The fourth and, sadly, final issue should be coming out in two weeks, so let’s try to figure out what the last story will be about. I’m personally hoping for a slice-of-life tale about the Unlikely Trio on the road, eating at greasy spoon diners and bickering over minor things, like just how many pennies you’re allowed to take from the take-a-penny, leave-a-penny tray. Also, this is minor, but I hope we get Prince Puma, and any time he talks, his speech balloon is obscured by something, whether it’s another person interrupting and talking over him, or a sound effect, or it just cuts off at the end of a panel.