Lucha Underground Might Finally Be Coming To Netflix

The highly acclaimed and beloved (by With Spandex, at least) Lucha Underground has drawn rave reviews as long as it’s been on the air, but a constant complaint from fans since day one has been a lack of availability to watch the show online, as El Rey Network isn’t available in all markets, and apart from purchasing single episodes or entire seasons on iTunes, it’s pretty difficult to find a way to watch the show. For example, I live extremely close to the Temple in Boyle Heights and have been to at least half a dozen tapings, but El Rey Network is not available where I live … like 15 minutes from where they tape the show.

But fear not, as you may soon be able to find Lucha Underground anywhere you can access Netflix (which is basically everywhere the internet touches). Via Sportskeeda, Lucha Udnerground ring announcer Melissa Santos recently posted a live stream, during which she claimed the company was “very close” to signing a deal that would bring Dario Cueto’s Temple and all the various demons and beasties therein to Netflix.

After last week’s somewhat impromptu “mid-season finale,” Lucha Underground is set to take an extended break that is scheduled to run into the summer before weekly television continues with the remainder of the already-taped Season 3. It’s possible that the reason for the hiatus is this impending Netflix deal, which would be a definite boon to the company from a financial standpoint and would help facilitate the production of any potential fourth season.

Even if you don’t pay for Netflix, we know you have access to a Netflix account (it’s okay; we won’t rat you out). So if there’s any truth to this rumor at all, prepare to be able to watch Lucha Underground all you want, and inundate your friends with demands that they stop watching The OA and instead watch a better show, where a literal dragon has bathroom nunchuk battles with a South African daredevil before his time-traveling alien friend drops in to save the day.