The Over/Under On Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 2: Rey De Voladores

Pro Wrestling Editor
02.04.16 47 Comments

Welcome to episode 2 of season 2 of the Over/Under of Lucha Underground, our gently reworded Best and Worst report about every episode of the best wrestling show on television. Maybe the best show on television. If you’d like to read about season 1, you can find all of our previous episode reports — we’ve been down with this show since season 1 episode 1 — on our Lucha Underground tag page. For season two (and last week’s recap), click here. If you’re new to the show and are jumping on with season 2 (or just want to know what the hell’s going on), we put together a season 1 primer that answers all your pertinent questions and fills in all the gaps. It also tells you where you can watch the show, if you’re thinking of asking that in the comments.

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And now, the Over/Under of Lucha Underground season 2, episode 2. This one’s important.

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