Lucha Underground’s Long Awaited Season 4 Finally Has A Trailer

We hope you click play on this, made it full screen, watched it three or four times all the way through and then minimized it to read this text. Lucha Underground — television’s best wrestling show and/or supernatural televnovela about a lucha libre promotion — has been off the air for far, far too long, and that’s finally about to change with season 4’s imminent arrival on June 13. Today, we finally have a season 4 trailer, and don’t take us lightly when we say it is bonkers.

We’re talking about what looks like (among other things): creepy doll possession, Alice in Wonderland-flavored funhouses for rabbits, Flashdance homages, Johnny Mundo with LIGHTNING EYES, one or several instances of murder, Jack Swagger AND Tommy Dreamer. Not to mention the best thing that ever happens on Lucha Underground: King Cuerno in his street clothes.

Not to mention, uh, uh


Please read the following 80,000 word essay on what I think everything means. Shit is officially going down, and we can’t wait until June 13th to see how it all plays out. In the meantime, make sure you catch up with the show any way you can, whether it’s watching the first two seasons on Netflix, watching the entire thing on iTunes, or simply praying to ancient Aztec Gods to get the El Rey Network. We missed you, precious Lucha.