Set Your DVR, Because Lucha Underground Has A Return Date For Season 4

Lucha Underground

As you know from all our dank exclusives here, Lucha Underground is coming back for a fourth installment of the beloved (especially around these parts) El Rey series. The entire fourth season has already been taped, and since we’re all still catching up on wrestling news that WASN’T WrestleMania this week, there’s finally an official return date for Cueto’s Kids.

The decision was made back in November to bring back the program on a two-year agreement along with a smaller budget and a new location.

Our first chance to see the new-look Lucha Underground will take place on Wednesday, June 13 at 8 p.m. ET on the El Rey Network.

“‘Lucha Underground’ has continually raised the bar on storytelling and athleticism and this season will be no different,” said El Rey Network President and GM, Daniel Tibbets, via a press release. “This show has re-defined wrestling, and in the process developed a passionate and devoted fan base. We are happy to offer the Believers exactly what they want, more ‘Lucha Underground.'”

For those new to Lucha Underground, the promotion is re-running the entire third season each Wednesday in two-hour blocks leading up to the premiere of Season 4. The news comes on the heels of Lucha Underground’s new working relationship with Impact Wrestling, and their first joint show over WrestleMania weekend at WrestleCon.

The possibilities are endless on what talent could cross over to the Temple, and there are certainly plenty of surprises in store for the action-packed new season. At the very least, we know past favorites Prince Puma and Rey Mysterio aren’t expected to be around.

For now, here’s a taste of what you can expect: