Lucha Underground Will Begin Granting Wrestler Releases, Under One Condition

11.21.17 2 years ago 7 Comments

There was some great news in the wrestling world earlier this month when we found out that Lucha Underground will be renewed for a fourth season. The promotion has a small and devoted following, but has had issues with growth during its run.

The show isn’t on a major network and haven’t done much to grow as a company by doing bigger shows or live event touring. And of course, that months-long hiatus in the middle of season three didn’t help their momentum any. Those of us who know about it like it a lot, but their TV audience is a lot smaller than WWE, obviously.

It was also revealed last week that El Rey Network had no intention of canceling Lucha Underground and wanted it to continue. The plans are for the show to be taped in in March and April (or perhaps February and March), and that should carry them until the next season.

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