WWE Will Finally Address That Macho Man And Stephanie McMahon Affair Rumor

Update: I’m an idiot. The article this was based on was published in 2014. The doc is out. We still don’t have any answers about Macho Man and Steph. Someone’s got a case of the Mondays! Seriously, apologies for the mistake. I’m sure you all are being reasonable, kind and understanding on this issue.

WWE is releasing a new documentary on Macho Man Randy Savage. The company has released plenty of documentaries on Savage in the past, but WrestlingNews is reporting that this one will be more comprehensive. In fact, the documentary will even delve into a long-standing rumor that has haunted the McMahons for decades.

The prevalent rumor that has gone around is that Macho Man slept with Stephanie McMahon when she was just 17. Her father, Vince, apparently didn’t know about this until a year later, and that’s why Macho Man was never allowed back in the company and wasn’t in the Hall of Fame until after his death. The rumor is so widespread that you can hear the RAW crowd chanting “Macho Man” at Stephanie as she cut a promo.

One reason the rumor has become so widespread is the fact nobody in the McMahon family has addressed the rumor or put it to rest. Which is unusual for a family that puts so much of their personal lives on public display. This video Macho Man sent out in 2002 to his message board had some jabs at Triple H and threats of “taking Stephanie around the block,” which may be where the rumors started.

Now we’ll finally get some answers to the truthfulness of the rumor…or maybe we’ll get some sort of spin from the McMahons. I also hope they address the rumor of Macho Man punching Hulk Hogan before WrestleMania 9 and causing him to have a black eye. Either way, the documentary should be pretty newsworthy.