Marty Scurll Re-Signs With Ring Of Honor For ‘WWE Main Roster Money’

Ever since Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks created All Elite Wrestling in January 2019, it was a foregone conclusion from many that their Elite stablemates, Kenny Omega and Marty Scurll, would end up alongside them. Omega eventually did sign with AEW, but Scurll was tied to a contract with Ring Of Honor and was unable to join his friends.

Still, much of the internet wrestling community assumed the Villain would jump ship as soon as his contract was up. But according to Dave Meltzer (by way of Wrestling Inc.), ROH made him an offer he couldn’t refuse to re-sign — “WWE main roster money,” according to Meltzer, as well as a reduced amount of appearances — and according to PWInsider, Scurll has officially re-signed.

However, here’s where the details get murky: PWInsider is claiming that in addition to re-signing, Scurll has been elevated to the head booker of Ring Of Honor, but Meltzer is partially refuting that claim, saying that Hunter “Delirious” Johnston will remain ROH’s head booker but Scurll will be a part of the booking committee (via 411Mania). There is also no official word on the length of his new contract, but it is presumed by insiders to be for at least two years.

The deal also reportedly will allow Scurll to continue to make appearances in other promotions, so we can expect his current NWA Powerrr run to continue. And who knows — maybe this will result in a working relationship between Ring Of Honor and All Elite Wrestling? Stranger things have happened.