Master P Wants CM Punk For House Of Glory Wrestling, And So Do We

Your first response to that headline might be, “Well, sure, everybody in charge of a wrestling promotion right now would like to have CM Punk return to wrestling on their roster,” but this one comes with a full-on social media press.

In a recent post made to Instagram, House of Glory wrestling’s new owner, Master P — best known for the holy trinity of Nickelodeon’s Romeo!, a confusingly received run in World Championship Wrestling, and ‘Make ’em Say Ugh’ — put out a formal request for the former Best in the World to join his team.

“I told y’all 2020, HOG House of Glory. We doing it big. I’m telling y’all what’s gonna be so different and so unique. I told y’all, we playing chess. Imagine me going back and getting a guy like CM Punk. I could make him a star. Holla at me, man. House of Glory.”

Maybe after Punk makes his House of Glory debut they can sign him to No Limit Records?

The likelihood of CM Punk returning to pro wrestling anywhere other than WWE is slim, but I’ve got to say; I really want to see a 2019 where the NWA’s doing studio tapings in Atlanta, NXT’s got a two-hour live show on WWE Network, Chris Jericho’s the champion of a promotion on TNT, and CM Punk’s feuding with Mantequilla over the HOG Crown Jewel Championship. Just saying.