Matt Hardy Revealed Who He’d Love To Feud With In WWE, And It’s DELIGHTFUL

Senior Editor, Sports
05.17.17 6 Comments


We’re all still in a holding pattern waiting for WWE and Impact Wrestling to come to whatever friggin’ arrangement is necessary for us to finally get the Broken Hardys back on television. We keep seeming to come to the precipice of the Hardys getting re-broken, only to get more bland babyface Team Xtreme nonsense.

Anyway, while we’re twiddling our thumbs waiting for dilapidated boats and Brothers Nero or whatever, the Hardys are here and doing their thing, and at some point they’ll probably embark upon solo careers. In a new interview with Sport Bible, the Hardys were asked about the eventuality of re-entering singles competition in WWE, and Matt name-dropped some dream opponents for both himself and his brother.

At the top of his list is perhaps the biggest no-brainer ever.

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