Matt Riddle Has Signed A ‘Multi-Year’ Contract With EVOLVE

Bro, if you thought former UFC fighter Matt Riddle wasn’t going to be a big part of the new FloSports streaming service … think again. Riddle is the current hot commodity on the independent wrestling circuit, and he was reportedly the impetus behind WWE starting their close partnership with EVOLVE and their parent company, WWNLive.

(As the story goes, WWE was very high on Riddle, but wanted him to get more practical experience in the ring and didn’t have a specific spot for him at the Performance Center at the time. So they suggested EVOLVE take him on, and things ramped up from there. Now we’ve got Tony Nese on Raw every week and wrestling in 2016 is wild.)

Now we’ll have several more years to look forward to EVOLVE crowds chanting “BRO” at this barefooted goofball (and I say that in the most adoring way possible), as he has just re-upped his contract for at least a couple more years. EVOLVE honcho Gabe Sapolsky announced the contract extension as part of a Wednesday news update.

We are very excited to announce that Matt Riddle has signed a multi-year contract extension with WWN. Riddle started with EVOLVE in October 2015. In the last year, he has skyrocketed to become the hottest talent in all of wrestling. EVOLVE 69 ended with Johnny Gargano passing the baton to Matt Riddle. Now “EVOLVE Is Bro.”

If you haven’t seen much — or any — of Riddle, he’s the real deal. His ever-growing fanbase isn’t without merit, as I would say only Kurt Angle was as good as Riddle is after only being in the business less than two years. He’s an important piece of the WWNLive puzzle to lock up as this FloSports streaming service gets underway … and of course, I’m sure EVOLVE could work something out on the contract front if WWE came calling for Riddle. I guess you could say that WWNLive is going for … BRO-ke.

Regardless, this is a good thing for Riddle, and a good thing for fans of independent wrestling. Get familiar with Riddle via the below videos.