ESPN’s Michelle Beadle Renewed Her WWE Fan Card On This Week’s Raw

02.16.16 3 years ago 22 Comments
Michelle Beadle WWE Raw


In May 2015, ESPN personality and longtime WWE fan Michelle Beadle publicly announced that she’d no longer be supporting the company due to Triple H’s friendship and association with boxing champion and domestic abuser Floyd Mayweather.

Here’s what she said in response to H praising Mayweather’s win over Manny Pacquiao:

This was also after Beadle was reportedly denied credentials to the fight. Beadle continued to side with anyone opposing Mayweather, including Ronda Rousey, and her WWE boycott continued through the year.

That ended on Monday, when Beadle showed up in the front row of WWE Raw.

Beadle posted the following photo from backstage at the event, saying that she’d had a “great overdue conversation” with “good friends.”

Beadle is already having to defend herself on social media, where people like former WCW announcer and awful wrestling person Mark Madden are demanding clarification.

We don’t know what happened in the conversation, obviously, but we’re guessing it didn’t end with Triple H saying, “I’m not going to be friends with Floyd Mayweather anymore.” Maybe Beadle wanted to go to a wrestling show, decided that denouncing a sports organization because it associates with a violent abuser would probably disqualify her from attending any sporting event anywhere, and wanted to make nice with the bosses of a company increasingly chummy with hers.

Besides, who hasn’t pulled the “I’M NEVER WATCHING AGAIN” card from time to time? I throw my hands up and quit forever every time Flo Rida pushes around Heath Slater. Not gonna throw stones.

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