Miesha Tate Wants To Follow Her UFC Rival Ronda Rousey Into WWE For A Cameo

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Former UFC and Strikeforce bantamweight champion Miesha Tate was a trailblazer as one of the second generation of female MMA stars. She fought the best in the world and beaten many of them, but the one woman who always had her number was Ronda Rousey, who forced her to tap via armbar in two meetings over the years.

Now she’s retired, and this has led to Tate wanting to take a page from Cris Cyborg and is throwing out feelers to follow “Rowdy” into WWE. If only for a cameo. MMAnytt got the quote:

“I’ve always said I would be down to do a cameo with WWE so I personally wouldn’t want to do a two or three year world tour cause I know there’s so much that goes into that and especially now with a baby on the way and I don’t want to take that time away from my family. So I would be open to a cameo possibly but with Ronda specifically? That changes things a little bit. It depends on how much we’d have to work together on the choreography before the cameo.”

Then, Miesha addresses the very obvious elephant in the room — the fact that Ronda Rousey, WWE’s new golden investment, hates her. She puts it into terms that exemplifies exactly why Ronda wants nothing to do with her, too:

“If the money’s right, maybe. That’s one thing I’ve always had in my favor is that I’ve always been able to be the bigger person, like get over it. I’m never going to like Ronda but I don’t hate her. I don’t have to be unprofessional. I could sit in the same room with her. I could put it aside, I can be professional so I know I could get the job done, but I wouldn’t want to have to hang out with Ronda and work on choreography and act like we don’t like each other cause that’s not the case. That would be like The Ultimate Fighter all over again but worse I think.”

On TUF, Rousey claimed Tate was two-faced, acting nice one moment and snake-like the next. Rousey also claimed the show was edited to make Tate look like the “good guy,” leading to further resentment between the two. Maybe Tate claims that they could get along, but it seems like Tate would have a better chance beating Rousey in a third fight than having Ronda okay her cameo in WWE.

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