Miesha Tate Claims Ronda Rousey Once ‘Freaked Out’ On Paige VanZant

The longstanding feud between Ronda Rousey and her nemesis Miesha Tate continues, and it looks like Tate is ready to air a lot of dirty laundry regarding Ronda and her bullying behavior. Tate was a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Thursday and of course Ronda Rousey came up — it’s expected that the two will fight for the third time in New York this November if Tate beats challenger Amanda Nunes at UFC 200.

But what she shared with Rogan was more than just her own personal experiences dealing with Rousey. She also claimed that Ronda “freaked out and just cussed” out UFC strawweight and Dancing With The Stars contestant Paige VanZant.

According to Miesha, VanZant told her that she was warned during a Reebok media shoot not to approach Ronda or ask for a picture. And then later that day, Rousey got in VanZant’s face

“Like they’ve never really had a conversation either,” Tate told Rogan. “She’s like ‘I don’t know Ronda other than like hi, bye, that’s it.’ Ronda came up and was like ‘F*ck you, you fair weather b*tch, how dare you cross me.'”

“She’s like ‘Cross you, what are you talking about?’ And [Ronda] was like ‘You congratulated Holly Holm for beating me, so f*ck you.’ … And Paige came and told me, and I was like ‘Honey, welcome to my world.'”

Keep in mind that this is all hearsay from someone who has never kept her dislike of Rousey a secret. After Ronda’s loss to Holly Holm in November, Miesha responded by saying “I’m f*cking stoked; f*ck Ronda Rousey!”

“F*ck her and her ‘Nobody has the right to beat me.’” Tate continued. “Nobody has the right to beat you? Well you just got beat, b*tch.”

We’ll see what Paige VanZant has to say about this now that the incident has been dragged into the spotlight by Miesha.

UPDATE: Paige VanZant confirmed the confrontation with TMZ, telling them, “It appears that I offended Ronda by congratulating Holly after her victory. The incident was very shocking and totally unnecessary.”

(via The Joe Rogan Experience, h/t Reddit)