UFC’s Mike Jackson And WWE’s Daniel Bryan Might Be Setting Up A Fight On Twitter

06.13.18 7 months ago 5 Comments


Mike Jackson may never fight in the UFC again. Dana White has made it clear that Jackson’s time in the promotion might be over because of the way he acted during his unanimous decision victory over CM Punk at UFC 225. White even went as far as to say that he “got the sense that [Jackson]’s a complete f*cking idiot.”

But if White wants to sell a whole bunch of tickets, all he has to do is look at Jackson’s Twitter account, because the guy is currently in the midst of a spat with Daniel Bryan. Pro Wrestling Sheet brings word that Bryan, in a recent Instagram live broadcast, was asked if he could beat Jackson, to which he replied “I could beat him on the ground, for sure … I think.”

Now obviously, Jackson is a fighter who has spent the last few days being called an idiot by the person who runs UFC, so no one can really blame him if he’s in a sour mood. And seeing as how he just beat a professional wrestler comfortably, Jackson didn’t take too kindly from this statement from Bryan.

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