Mitt Romney Dressed Up Like Nacho Libre And Wrestled For Charity

Well, this was probably the one story no one expected to be writing late on Saturday night. According to ABC 4 Utah, a Salt Lake City charity event started off goofy and got downright mind-boggling.

The event was an evening of charity boxing to raise money for Charity Vision, a nonprofit of which Romney’s son, Josh is the president. The scheduled main event for the evening pitted former boxing champ Oscar De La Hoya against Mario Lopez, best known for being Mario Lopez. During the match, two luchadors tagged themselves in and went toe to toe.

Those two luchadors were interrupted by a third masked man, dressed in full “Nacho Libre” attire, complete with cape. This third man was shortly thereafter revealed to be none other than former Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, who got a riotous ovation from his home crowd.

The three wrestlers then posed and mugged for the crowd to send everyone home happy.

Romney may not have as much experience in wrestling as presumptive GOP candidate Donald Trump, but at least he understands one of the key rules of fake fighting: always send ’em home happy. Way to go, Mitt.

Just over one year ago, Romney was fighting Evander Holyfield in a celebrity boxing match for the same charity. What’s on the docket for next year at Charity Vision’s fundraiser? Mitt jumping off Hell in a Cell?

Please be safe, Mitt.

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