Bobby Lashley Thinks Going Up Against Brock Lesnar Would Be ‘A Fun Fight’

Recently former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley said that he would “love” to have a WrestleMania match against the man he’s gotten compared to most in his career, Brock Lesnar. But since both men also dabble in the world of mixed martial arts, it’s possible (although unlikely) that they may meet up in a cage and go toe-to-toe in a “real” fight.

In the above interview with TMZ Sports, Lashley elaborates on the possibility of the one MMA fight he gets asked about more than anything else.

“I think it would be really interesting. I get asked that at least once a day. I think there’s so much money in that. I think it would turn into almost a slugfest, because I know that Brock is not going to get taken down by easy takedowns, so it’s going to be hard. And then I scramble really well. Brock has a little bit more size on me, but I scramble really well, so it would be hard for him to have a takedown. So if neither one of us are taken down, the we’d need to rely on the striking. So I think it might be a slugfest, which would be really interesting. I think it’d be a fun fight to have.”

Lashley, of course, declined to give a definitive answer on who he thought would win, but rightfully said, “Of course I see my hand being raised every time I fight.” As well you should!

Given Lesnar is still dealing with this USADA business, it will be several months before we even find out whether he would be eligible to fight again any time soon. And since Lashley is under contract to Bellator and Lesnar is under contract to WWE, it would have to happen a few years down the line, most likely. Still, stranger deals getting done on short notice have happened, and there would certainly be a lot of potential money in this fight. And we all know that UFC has never shied away from “sideshow” fights if the interest is high enough. Just ask CM Punk.