Bobby Lashley Would Love To Have A WrestleMania Match Against Brock Lesnar

For pretty much his entire pro wrestling career, Bobby Lashley has drawn comparisons — sometimes favorable, sometimes not — to Brock Lesnar. Both men are freaks of nature. Both men won collegiate wrestling championships. Both men have been Vince McMahon’s golden boy for a period of time. Heck, they both even dabble in MMA from time to time. For the past few years, Lashley has been one of TNA’s favorite main eventers and is currently their world champion. But he still dreams big. Let that be a lesson to all of us.

On the latest edition of Jim Ross’ Ross Report podcast, Lashley talked about his current dream match: facing Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. (Transcript via SEScoops.)

“I’ve always been compared to Brock, and they say ‘Are you and Brock gonna fight? Are you and Brock gonna wrestle? I don’t know if the fighting is still an opportunity with me being in Bellator and him kind of being with the UFC; or I don’t know what the situation is right now. So I don’t know if the fight thing is possible, but to see me as Brock’s destroying everyone and save the day, or vice versa, whatever the case is, have us stand face to face? I think the crowd would go insane. And there’s a tremendous amount of money in it. If it were to happen, then I’m open for it.”

Funnily enough, despite all the comparisons that have been made between the two (like in the first paragraph of this article, when I did that), Lashley has never actually met Lesnar even once.

“You know, I hear that all the time, and J.R., you know as well as I do, it’s not in my hands. If you ask me, I would say absolutely, but it’s the powers that be. I think that there’s enough fans who would love to see it. They’ve been saying it from day one. And you know what the funny thing about it is? I’ve never met Brock in person. Never crossed paths with Brock anywhere. So we don’t even know each other at all, whatsoever.”

While Lashley may not be a household name anymore — or even a wrestler the current WWE audience is familiar with — it certainly wouldn’t take WWE long to build up a superfight between the two. We all know how good they are at building WrestleMania matches (well, how good they usually are, anyway). I think given the right setup, it could definitely be a big selling point at a future Mania.

Of course, Lashley would have to move to WWE from TNA before that could happen, and who knows what the hell is going on with all that.