NXT’s Mojo Rawley Partied On The Rob Gronkowski Booze Cruise Like A Champ


WWE’s resident Hype Bro Mojo Rawley spent the last weekend in February partying with his good friend Rob Gronkowski, and yes, it’s as fascinatingly horrifying as you’re imagining. In other news, if you ever want to know the special combination of magic words to hermetically seal a woman’s lady parts, they’re “Rob Gronkowski Mojo Rawley Booze Cruise.”

The two are well known bros from the NXT star’s football days, with Gronk often showing up to support Rawley in the crowd, and then leaving because who really cares about wrestling anyways, right? The New England Patriots tight end and lovable human disaster is even rumored to be partnering with WWE for their upcoming Tapout fitness center project. But, seriously, let’s get back to this party boat situation.

If you haven’t been following any of the social media updates from Gronk’s Party Ship, we can assure you that yes, it is exactly the beautiful mess you were imagining. From Gronk offering two party-goers $10k to “bang in front of everybody” in broad daylight, to…actually no, that adequately sums it up. Mojo was balls-deep in the action (and a few other things, we’re sure) as the Norwegian Pearl headed to Gronk’s own private island. Here he is getting down on stage with Gronkowski’s dad:

Here he is getting everyone hyped up and making you further worry abut the hygienic conditions of the cruise ship:


Here he is RKO-ing rapper Waka Flocka Flame into a pool because of course:


And here he is…well…I’m sure the caption is more explanation than we need to go into:


We’re glad you had fun, Mojo. Let’s hope these videos are the only souvenirs you brought back.