This Compilation Of RKOs Will Make You Miss Randy Orton More Than Ever

Poor Randy Orton has been out for what feels like forever. The Viper took a break from viping all the vindows to take the trash out and ended up tearing his shoulder off, giving him the distinction of being one of the first in a long chain of serious WWE injuries. While it could be argued by some people that he’s not really missed all that much on television, one thing you can’t argue is that the RKO is timeless and our lives are better when people are getting them out of nowhere.

Whether it’s the RKO as a football audible, or ruining your friends’ perfectly lovely summer days, non-wrestlers simply refuse to stop giving cutters (cuttering?) to other people, and who are we to stop them? But after watching the amateurs have a go, sometimes it’s good to sit back and watch the master at work.

This also gives us a great excuse to watch literally the best RKO of all time over and and over again, potentially while weeping into our hands at the absence of Seth Rollins:

Nope, still never want to stop watching it. Come back to us soon, Seth. And uhh….Randy too I guess.

(h/t Reddit)