WrestleMania 35’s Main Event Is Nominated For An MTV Award Alongside Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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You probably aren’t expecting expert cultural criticism from the relatively new MTV Movie and TV Awards — the “re-imagining” of the MTV Movie Awards — but this year’s nominees for “Best Fight” might be the most bonkers collection of culturally random choices they’ve ever done.

Per MTV, the Best Fight category will feature the women’s triple threat “winner take all” main event from WrestleMania 35 alongside The Avengers, roughly 10% of the dark-ass third episode of Game of Thrones season 8, and … [checks notes] Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Here are your nominees.


Ginsburg is also up for “Best Real Life Hero.” Her competition? WWE’s Roman Reigns. It’s RBG vs. WWE al night long.

That brings up an important question for wrestling fans: is Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ongoing battle with inequality in the United States of America greater than or less than Ronda Rousey screaming “TABLES ARE FOR BITCHES” in the sixteenth match of the 35th WrestleMania at 12:30 AM? Furthermore, are we going to get Becky Lynch tweeting mean things to RBG about who’s going to win the award? I’d like to think that Ginsburg’s decades of social service have been building up to her receiving a Moon Man from the music video station that doesn’t play music videos.

Another important question: how robbed were Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston? I’d say their match was better than any of the fight scenes in Captain Marvel.