A New WWE Web Series Documents The Injuries And Comebacks Of Tegan Nox

After two false starts to her WWE career, Tegan Nox has finally remained healthy long enough to gain some momentum and a compelling storyline. Ahead of her Street Fight match with her best-friend-turned-evil Dakota Kai at NXT TakeOver: Portland this Sunday, WWE is reminding everyone of Nox’s long journey to regular NXT player status with a web series called The Comeback.

The Comeback is currently halfway through its “four-day, four-episode” premier, with two episodes, each about seven minutes long, uploaded to the WWE Performance Center YouTube channel. The first focuses on her injury in 2017 soon after she reported to the PC, that kept her out of the inaugural Mae Young Classic, and the second on her injury during the second MYC in 2018. Observations come from talking head-style interviews with Nox, Robbie Brookeside, Dakota Kai, Candice LeRae, Rhea Ripley, Nox’s family, and more.

Like just about every documentary-style video on that channel, the episodes seem to really savor every instance of someone crying or someone talking about how WWE is their dream. And though the episodes are easy to watch, they also seem to have about two minutes of filler each despite their short runtimes. It feels like The Comeback could have easily just been one twenty-or-so-minute documentary, and could have told Nox’s story in a more interesting and unique way with a little more detail and a little less time spent on everyone’s emotions.

However, the release of The Comeback as a mini-series shows a promising amount of investment by WWE in the Nox-Kai feud and in Nox as a performer, despite her injuries. And for those unfamiliar with what’s been going in behind-the-scenes since she signed with NXT (I had forgotten how soon after signing she was initially injured), it does give insight into what must have been two frustrating and difficult years in her life. It’s worth watching when you have fifteen minutes.