Nikki Bella Is Taking Time Off To Rehab Injuries As WWE Loses Another Star

Get used to hearing Brie Bella’s solo entrance theme, as it looks like former Divas Champion Nikki Bella is off the road to rehab injuries. Bella had previously hinted that she’d be taking time to “regroup,” but made the announcement official via Twitter on Monday afternoon.

This comes on the same day WWE announced that Randy Orton’s shoulder injury is “significant” and could keep him out for half a year, and continues a bad run of injuries for the company. It’s also a blow to the Divas Division, which has revolved around Nikki into and throughout the Divas Revolution.

It also coincides with John Cena taking a WWE sabbatical for personal reasons, which should cause fans of Total Divas to speculate wildly. Are they getting married? Did Nikki just not want to be on the road if John was at home? Did they just want to run that “Brie and Daniel are worried that they won’t be able to buy a bed and breakfast if neither of them is on TV” angle again? All I’m gonna say is that I hope they use their coordinated time off to film the rest of Dumb & Dumber in its entirety.

We wish Nikki a quick and successful recovery, and hope she’s reintroduced to TV when Brie crawls under the ring during a match and Nikki crawls back out.