WWE’s Nikki Bella Has Reportedly Been Cleared To Return To The Ring

According to a report by Pro Wrestling Sheet, the Rack Attack is back, jack! *starts quack chant* (Just kidding, the Rack Attack has been retired! Sorry, everyone!)

The supreme leader of Team Bella has apparently made a complete recovery from possibly career ending neck surgery and has been approved for a return to the ring. Bella, who has been training at the WWE Performance Center with hug machine Bayley, could return at any time — possibly even for SummerSlam! I know a trio that’s down an All Red Everything that could use one-half of twin magic in their SummerSlam preshow match.

While the Bella Twins spent a long time being disliked by fans who focused a lot of their hate for butterfly titles and pudding fights on them, when it came time to Give Divas A Chance, Nikki started delivering in a big way with a hoss-ier in ring style and big forearm clubberings.

Her finisher may be retired due to her injury, but there’s no doubt that Bella will find all new ways to inflict her love of sexy baseball uniforms and a general state of fearlessness on the WWE Women’s Division, which has changed quite a bit since she left. There are fresh matches for Nikki Bella on both brands, and I’d be down to see her trying to drop Nia Jax or interrupting a Carmella moonwalk with a running Luger forearm.

I think I speak for us all when I quite the immortal words of Brie Bella: “Come on, Nikkiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

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