Nikki Bella Will Retire Her ‘Rack Attack’ Finisher Following Her Neck Injury

Nikki Bella is still aiming for a summer return to the WWE after her neck surgery, following which she was reportedly told she would never wrestle full-time again.

There have been rumors that if/when she does return the former WWE Divas Champion would have to retire her “Rack Attack” finishing move because of the pressure it puts on her neck, and now she has confirmed that is the case on Twitter.

In terms of coming up with a new finisher, there are certainly plenty of options for Bella upon her return. Her signature Alabama Slam is probably out since that would also be a big strain on her neck, but she sometimes used a big forearm as her finisher and that would seem to be a solid option moving forward. There is also the Bella Buster that both her and her sister Brie used from time to time, but that move never really caught on.

In her mentions, her fans have been giving her suggestions with ideas ranging from the Torture Rack, to a “Bella Bomb” (sit out powerbomb) to a brainbuster. Some even suggested she use her boyfriend John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment.

Regardless of what she chooses, it will be great to have Bella back in the fold when she is healthy especially with the brand split coming up. The main roster is lacking women who can draw heat outside of Charlotte, and that is certainly something that Nikki Bella knows how to do well.

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