What You Need To Know Going Into New Japan’s Best Of The Super Juniors 26

05.10.19 2 months ago


Every year, New Japan Pro Wrestling‘s junior heavyweight division is in the spotlight for the month-long Best of the Super Juniors tournament. This year’s 26th iteration of BOSJ is its largest, featuring a record number of twenty competitors and holding the tournament final in Ryogoku Sumo Hall, a bigger and more prestigious venue than in the past.

It will also be broadcast more than any other Best of the Super Juniors tournament, with every show listed on the schedule here broadcast live on NJPW World with commentary in both Japanese and English. This is a departure from past years when some tournament shows were televised and others were live events that, in the streaming age, were uploaded to NJPW World later.

For new or old, casual or hardcore NJPW fans and fans of wrestling in general thinking about checking out this tournament, this article breaks down who is in it and what they’ll be doing from May 13 to June 5, 2019.

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