New Japan Released A Statement And Update On Hiromu Takahashi’s Injury


New Japan Pro Wrestlingwas reported to have been rushed to the hospital with a serious neck injury after his match against longtime rival Dragon Lee. Today, NJPW released a statement about Takahashi’s condition via their website:

Hiromu Takahashi has been hospitalized after suffering a neck injury while facing Dragon Lee in the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship match on Saturday night’s G1 Special in San Francisco.

It is reported Takahashi, after the match was immediately taken to a nearby hospital. He is currently undergoing a thorough evaluation, Takahashi is conscious, and is able to sit and talk.

We at New Japan Pro Wrestling deeply appreciate our fans’ sincere concerns. Please keep checking for updates as we learn more.

Takahashi’s injury prompted an outpouring of concern and support from his fans and coworkers on social media.

In the aftermath of the interview report, author Chris Carlton shared his translation of an interview Takahashi gave after his two-minute match at Sakura Genesis 2017 in which he beat Kushida.

Lots of people are talking: ‘That move was too dangerous.’ ‘Stop using that dangerous move.’ ‘I wanted to see those two fight longer.’ ‘That result, it only came because of an accident.’ Okay. Tell me, what move isn’t dangerous? What is a safe fight… For us, we can’t say, ‘Ah, that was a bit dangerous. That got me in a dangerous spot. That hurt.’ ‘Oh dear, Mr. Opponent, are you okay?’ That isn’t a match. The kind of match I do, I love… take nine, give out ten. All the way.