NJPW Released A Statement About Yoshi-Hashi’s Injury


New Japan Pro Wrestling‘s Yoshi-Hashi played a memorable role at Destruction in Kobe when he heroically tried to stop Jay White’s traitorous attack on his Chaos stablemate Kazuchika Okada. Unfortunately, the moment was made even more memorable by the fact that Yoshi-Hashi tripped on his way to the ring. He finished his part of the scene while bleeding from the head, but was taken to a nearby hospital soon after.

Today, NJPW released the following statement about Yoshi-Hashi’s condition on their English-language website, and promised to update fans about the wrestler’s condition:

On September 23, during Destruction in Kobe, YOSHI-HASHI sustained a head and a left shoulder injury, and was taken to a hospital in Kobe for evaluation.

YOSHI-HASHI has since returned to Tokyo, and will proceed with treatment. YOSHI-HASHI’s return date from injury is as yet undecided.

We deeply appreciate our fans’ concerns and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We are very sorry for everyone at the fans due to worry.

This injury came at a moment in which Yoshi-Hashi was set to play a much more prominent role than usual in a major New Japan story. Hopefully, the Head Hunter has a smooth and speedy recovery and is able to return to the ring soon.