The NXT Universe Was Inexplicably Taken Over By ‘No Way Day’

WWE NXT just wrapped up their tour of the Pacific Northwest, and if that brawl captured on Facebook Live was any indication, it was a wild one. But if social media is to be trusted, it was also a lot of fun for everyone involved, especially NXT’s Dominican-American rookie, No Way Jose. Over the weekend, the hashtag #NoWayDay became pretty hard to ignore if you’re following any significant portion of the roster on Twitter. A lot of them actually changed their profile pictures to Jose, too. Now, it’s hard to pin down where a trend like this starts, but if I had to name a Patient Zero here, I’d have to go with Shinsuke Nakamura. Remember, his fixation with Jose’s face actually goes back a few weeks.

Not content to keep the trend pinned down to Twitter, Mojo Rawley actually got flight attendants on United Airlines and Alaska Airlines to shout out our newest national holiday dedicated to a dancing wrestler.

I like the birthday message to Elias Samson in that last video, but I’m honestly disappointed that Samson doesn’t hitchhike from show to show. If ever there was a gimmick you should really commit to 100%, you’d think it would be a busking drifter. Anyway, it wasn’t long before fans started getting on the bandwagon, as well. I think it’s safe to say that the pinnacle was reached with this video from @StirLynch:

I never thought Jose’s face would end up being as infectious as his theme song, but here we are. In the end, it vanished just as quickly as it came, but let’s all keep May 14 sacred as No Way Day from now on. Regardless of how his career goes, Jose can rest easy knowing that he ascended to meme status and became NXT’s Dat Boi.