NWA Powerrr Episode 1: Aldis And Heaven, Too

Welcome to the first episode of NWA Powerrr, spelled with three Rs, like you’re a Dragonball character about to start screaming. If you aren’t aware, it’s Billy Corgan (smiling politely) and the National Wrestling Alliance‘s attempt at a “sequel series” of sorts to the old studio wrestling from Atlanta, which aired from the 1960s with Ed Capral until World Championship Wrestling in the 80s and 90s. It’s an ambitious project in a gluttonous world of live pro wrestling that I’ve seen best described as, “GLOW for dads,” in the best way possible.

Today, Lightning One and the National Wrestling Alliance bring studio wrestling to a whole new age. #NWAPowerrr was produced with the age that wrestling fans consume their media. The power is truly in the hands of the performers to walk to the microphone and be their true authentic self. For the fans, it’s the opportunity to see a classic wrestling format in a traditional media viewing landscape.

NWA President Billy Corgan talked of a 20 year plan when he took control of the National Wrestling Alliance. As we enter our second year, NWA Powerrr is not only Billy Corgan and David Lagana betting on themselves but every talent who walks through that curtain.

As the show’s exact target audience and a homer for the wrestling I grew up watching in southern Virginia as a kid in the 1980s, I figured I’d give the show an honest look and share some of my thoughts with you. I can’t guarantee this’ll be a weekly, recurring column as there is literally so much live wrestling on TV right now that it’s hard to get to it all, but if you like it and want to read more about it, drop a comment down below and give the column a social media share or two.

For now, let’s dive into episode one.