Paige Is Reportedly ‘Done’ As An In-Ring Performer For WWE, But She’s Already Planning A Comeback


Last month WWE Superstar Paige suffered a scary injury at a show in Uniondale that got her removed from the live event schedule, taken out of the ring on recent episodes of Raw, and even removed from the first women’s Royal Rumble match. While few of us assumed that would end up being a career-threatening injury, that’s exactly what PWInsider is reporting.

While it’s still unverified and no official announcement has been made regarding her health, Mike Johnson over at PWI is saying multiple sources have told Paige she’s “done” as an in-ring WWE competitor. The belief is that the 25-year old had suffered a stinger, leading to her losing feeling in her extremities, which combined with her history of neck problems presents WWE with a complex situation. Previously, Paige had told Lilian Garcia that doctors had already told her she shouldn’t be wrestling anymore. The situation is being described as similar to what happened with WWE Hall of Famer Edge, and of course has already drawn comparisons to Daniel Bryan.

If that seems too pessimistic a read for you, Paige posted the following on Instagram earlier on Friday, suggesting that no matter what, she’s making a comeback.

As always, let’s hope the news isn’t as bad as it sounds, as things — even diagnoses — can change. If not, let’s hope the comeback is stronger than the ailment, and that maybe Paige finds success in a non-wrestling role on WWE TV if she has to.

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