The Rock Revealed The Full Trailer For The Paige Biopic ‘Fighting With My Family’


It’s finally here: The first official trailer for Fighting With My Family, the movie from WWE Studios and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions that tells the story of current Smackdown Live General Manager Paige, and her journey from a strange childhood in an English wrestling family to success in WWE. We’d previously seen a short clip, which is also a part of the trailer, but now there’s a lot more context.

The Rock unveiled the trailer with a tweet, and it’s also up now on YouTube:

It’s worth noting that with the Rock’s weight behind the production, Stephen Merchant directing, and MGM distributing, this isn’t just a run-of-the-mill WWE movie, this is a major film that people will watch in theaters. In addition to Florence Pugh as Paige and the Rock as himself (I’m guessing every one of his scenes is in this trailer), it also features Lena Headey (Cersei on Game of Thrones) as Sweet Saraya Knight and Nick Frost (Simon Pegg’s comedic partner in all those movies) as Ricky Knight, as well as Dunkick‘s Jack Lowden as Paige’s brother Zak.

Seeing wrestling events that happened less than a decade ago re-enacted by actors is going to be strange for those of us who follow the sport. There’s even a moment in the trailer when Lowden as Zak makes a joke at the expense of a guy who’s clearly meant to be Pete Dunne, but of course is not actually Pete Dunne. All of that said, the movie looks pretty fun, and I know as a Paige fan I’ll see it the first chance I get.