Check Out A Scene From WWE’s Paige Biopic ‘Fighting With My Family’


She may be relegated to a non-physical role for the remainder of her WWE career, but the spotlight on Paige is only getting brighter. We can finally watch a clip from the biopic of her family’s life, which was shown during both NXT TakeOver and WrestleMania on the WWE Network this weekend. And not wanting to pull any punches, this first clip features an extended cameo by the Rock himself.

Last February, the Rock’s production company Seven Bucks Productions announced that they’d begun filming Fighting With My Family. The film will be based upon the life of Paige and her famous British wrestling family, which has been legendary for decades in the U.K..

The clip released during WrestleMania weekend highlights a chance meeting between a younger Paige with her brother in tow and the Rock himself before a tryout later that evening. The duo, having a chance to drink from the fountain of knowledge from the Brahma Bull, ask the Rock how to win over the crowd. The result … is pure electricity.

Reminding us all that the Rock is capable of burning at a million degrees at any given time that he wants to flip the switch, he goes on a complete tour of the U.K., riffing on many barbs that highlight the fact that both are of British descent and obviously lacking when it comes to getting sunlight. The Rock also mentions not only Mary Poppins, but Oliver Twist and Harry Potter as well making sure that the cultural touchstones of the United Kingdom got their shine.

There isn’t a set release date yet for Fighting With My Family just yet, but this clip looks like it might just be the real deal.