Paige Spoke About Her Injury, Return, And More Than A Year Of Troubles

09.20.18 11 months ago 6 Comments


To mark the Season Premiere of Total Divas, Paige sat down for a candid interview with the Mirror, in which she opened up about her feelings about things she’s been through in the last couple of years. To begin with, she said that the new season will also reveal a lot about the things that have happened to her since her previous departure from Total Divas during Season 6:

You hear a bunch of my stories, the year and a half I took out, just everything. All the trouble I got myself into… I was just very open about everything. I was very open with the taped sex that unfortunately got leaked, the popping [failing] of drug tests, I was just very open about everything because I want people to learn from my mistakes, you know?

For those who want to get to know the real Paige even better, she’s also got an upcoming episode of the WWE Network series WWE Chronicle, which will cover the ups and downs since her return to WWE TV last fall.

I was the first one to have a Chronicle and it shows me the first day I come back in WWE, walking into the building, seeing everyone for the first time, then literally wrestling every single week, having my singles match with Sasha, doing this, doing that, then it shows me breaking my neck, pretty much.

Then he comes with me to the doctors and it shows the doctor telling me I can’t wrestle anymore. Then it shows me just being happy now I’m general manager.

I can’t wait for that to come out – if it does come out, who knows? I can’t wait for that to come out because it’s beautiful. That just made me cry watching it. It breaks my heart. I sometimes feel like ‘I’m okay and I can get through this’ but then I will watch that or I will watch Total Divas, and it reminds me I can’t wrestle anymore and it does get to me. First and foremost, that was always my passion, I wanted to wrestle, but unfortunately it took me down a road that I can’t do that anymore.

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