Have We Seen The Last Of Paul Heyman In WWE For Now?

Tuesday night’s brand split draft that kicked off SmackDown’s return to a live broadcast saw the current WWE roster divvied up, as well as some emotional NXT call-ups. One person, however, was suspiciously absent: manager extraordinaire Paul Heyman.

Heyman’s client Brock Lesnar was scheduled to go first overall in the WWE draft, because of course he was, but the gargantuan former WWE World Heavyweight Champion was dropped down to the eighth pick after failing a second drug test performed by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency at UFC 200. Prior to Lesnar’s return to UFC, Heyman announced that he would not be accompanying him to the octagon. Now, whether or not he’ll be ushering him to a WWE ring is reportedly in question.

According to The Wrestling Observer, Heyman’s current WWE contract has expired, and neither side has come to terms for renewal. Our sources indicate that his $325k/year contract, signed back in May of 2013, actually expired on May 7. Heyman wasn’t listed alongside Lesnar during the draft, further adding to the speculation that negotiations are still ongoing.

Whether they’ve reached an agreement or not, can we all agree that WWE just wouldn’t be the same without this face?

Fix it, WWE. Just give him what he wants and keep him around forever.