Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson Claims He’d ‘Whup Brock Lesnar’s Ass’

09.27.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

The club is hardly the place to get intelligent, well informed opinions on anything. But that hasn’t stopped TMZ from having cameramen outside many clubs looking for tipsy celebrities willing to give them soundbites. Today’s questionable quote comes from Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, the former PRIDE and UFC wrecking ball who is now closing out his career in Bellator.

“I think I’d whup Brock Lesnar’s ass,” Jackson told a TMZ cameraman when asked about the WWE superstar and occassional MMA fighter. “I’d whup Brock’s ass because I don’t think he has the technique to take me down.”

That’s an interesting claim to make, considering Brock Lesnar rose to fame off his monster amateur wrestling career which saw him go 106–5 during college and earned him an NCAA heavyweight championship. If there’s one thing Brock can definitely do, it’s take a dude down. He may not do it with precise technique, but his size and power make up for that.

“He’s the most popular pro wrestler to come over to MMA, but I still think I’d whup his ass,” Jackson continued. “He probably outweighs me by a hundred pounds but still, I think I hit him a couple times and he’d be ‘Aaaaaw, no more.'”

Perhaps prime Rampage could say this. But nowadays Jackson isn’t knocking anyone out. His most recent fight was against Japanese judo Olympian Satoshi Ishii and the two went to an unimpressive split decision that Rampage barely won. Unfortunately, his days of being able to knock nearly any man in the sport out seem to be over.

“I respect Brock a lot. I’m a fighter, he’s a fighter,” Rampage concluded. “I just think I whup his ass.”

(via TMZ)

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