WWE Raw Ratings Dropped, But Were Still Better Than July 4 Week Last Year

This week’s WWE Raw ratings were delayed by a day because of the July 4th holiday on Tuesday. It was an interesting WWE Raw show built around the road to Great Balls of Fire, which takes place this Sunday on WWE Network. The main event was Braun Strowman beating Apollo Crews while Roman Reigns showed up in an ambulance to deliver a surprise attack on Strowman.

There was also a split screen interview between Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe where they were kept apart and Enzo Amore got to speak from the heart in the opening segment. It was expected that the viewership numbers would be down due to the holiday in the United States.

The numbers are in from Showbuzz Daily, and they report that Raw had 2.84 million viewers, which is down from the 2.98 million viewers from the week before. It broke down with hour one getting 2.83 million viewers, while hour two was the highest of the night with 2.91 million viewers, and the third hour was the lowest of the night with 2.78 million viewers. The numbers are a bit unsurprising because WWE didn’t advertise a main event match other than Strowman going to the ring to face somebody.
With Lesnar and Joe having their altercation earlier in the night, it’s clear that some fans tuned out after that segment was over.

If you’re looking for some good news with these numbers, WWE can point to this year’s numbers beating last year’s Raw that took place on July 4. Last year’s show did 2.66 million viewers, so getting 2.84 this year on July 3 should be seen as a positive.

The Smackdown number is likely going to be down because it took place on July 4. That’s why WWE tried to load that show with John Cena returning after three months off. We’ll have those numbers for you when they are released.