The 4th Of July WWE Raw Ratings Hit An All-Time Record Low, But It Could Have Been Much Worse

Despite a solid bump in ratings following Money In The Bank, the clouds have gathered once again at Titan Tower (where I like to pretend Vince still handles his WWE business). The Wrestling Observer reports that viewership for the Fourth of July edition of “Raw” dropped 14 percent from the previous week, setting a record low for a Monday.

Now, this news comes with a silver lining: Raw was still the most watched show on cable, which will make for a fantastic looking fact about how great Raw is that Michael Cole will brag about in between Shining Stars promos. But, the silver lining also has a big caveat: basically every other cable show took the night off. Still, first place!

Reports indicated that pretty much everyone in WWE expected Monday’s episode to hit record lows, so a drop of only 14 percent on a major holiday is probably being looked at as a solid win among the higher-ups. It also doesn’t hurt for the fans that the episode was surprisingly good.

Maybe not everything is hunky dory in Stamford, of course. Is this one of those days where Vince McMahon sails the stormy seas and screams at the clouds like Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump? “I gave you a food fight and America beating all other countries, damn it! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!”

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