The Extraordinary Population Of The ‘Broken Hardys’ Universe Has Increased

Ahhh, a tiny baby! I KNEW YOU’D COME. I mean … we’ve known for like nine months, give or take. Yes, it has finally happened. Reby Hardy (AKA Reby Sky), Matt Hardy’s wife and the internet’s leading owl-hater/legal issues tweeter, has welcomed the couple’s second child into the world. Now young King Maxel, the second-youngest wrestler to ever score a victory in a pro wrestling match (behind only Kevin Owens’ infant son), has a future tag team partner.

On Thursday, sweet baby boy Wolfgang Xavier Hardy was born, because Matt and Reby will ONLY roll with the best and most perfect names for their brood.

(In case you, like me, did a double-take, Wolfgang is sleeping atop Reby in that photo. That’s King Maxel next to her. The newborn baby wasn’t a BFG or anything.)

It was a home birth! That’s how intense the Hardys are, y’all. No word on whether Señor Benjamin was asked to prepare the battlefield for … life.

Congratulations to the Hardy family, and we’re just going to pencil in about 18 years from now or so an intergender match between Wolfgang Xavier Hardy and Birdie Jo Danielson. I think that’s how everyone involved is going to want it to go down.