René Dupree Says Bubba Ray Dudley Took Liberties With Opponents, Gave Him ‘So Many’ Concussions

WWE’s tag team division has been the recipient of a major talent injection, thanks to the surprise return of the Dudley Boyz, although not everybody is happy to see the most decorated tag team in history back in WWE. Former WWE Tag Team Champion René Dupree recently appeared on the Two Man Power Trip podcast, and he didn’t seem terribly fond of the Dudleyz, particularly Bubba Ray. Dupree, who claims to have suffered more than 25 concussions while working in pre-Wellness Policy era WWE, says Bubba Ray would routinely take liberties with opponents, and was responsible for ending some guys’ careers.

“Oh my God. I’ve had so many concussions from Bubba Ray Dudley, it’s not even funny. You know Chris Nowinski had to retire because of Bubba Ray giving him concussions, right? Devon, it’s universal, everyone likes Devon because he’s a pro, but Bubba can be difficult to work with.”

Dupree also told a story that may explain why the Dudleyz were banished from WWE TV for a decade.

“One time in the ring, Sly [Sylvain Grenier] screwed up a spot and then Bubba punched him in the face and bloodied his nose, and Sly asked him why backstage, and Bubba went off and punched him in the face again. Sylvan was very good friends with Pat Patterson and they weren’t around shortly thereafter.”

Bubba Ray wasn’t the only old-timer Dupree does not have fond memories of, as he also opened up about the infamous Bob Holly incident. For those who weren’t around/don’t remember, Bob Holly kicked the sh*t out of Dupree at a 2004 house show, beating him bloody with legitimate blows and bending a chair around his skull.

“I was a kid and I made a mistake not paying a parking ticket, and I offered to pay him double for whatever it is that I owed him, and that wasn’t good enough. So, he threatened to kill me on a plane and threatened to run me over. The guy is a psychopath. I am a firm believer because I was about 20 and he was 41, and I believe he was suffering from dementia, to be honest with you. John Laurinaitis is behind it all, too, because he is the one who booked me in a f*cking match with him and they knew exactly what they were doing. They knew exactly what was going to happen and they were laughing at it. The whole place is f*cking corrupt.”

And to complete the WWE bully hat trick, Dupree also had this to say about JBL…

“JBL is a piece of sh*t.”

Well then. Of course, these are just one man’s accounts, but I have a feeling Dupree has more than a few people who could corroborate his characterizations. We hear a lot of wistfulness for the glory days of WWE, when men were men and all that, but, as is often the case, the good old days weren’t actually that good. You’d better behave yourself around The New Day, Bubba. If we’re robbed of Xavier Woods and his trombone, I’m holding you responsible.

via Wrestling Inc.