WWE’s Rhyno Won A State Representative Primary And Appeared On Smackdown On The Same Night

Back in March, we shared the news that pro wrestler Rhyno was running for state representative in his home state of Michigan. Running head-down, shoulder-first.

On Tuesday, Rhyno won his Republican primary in the 15th District State House race (per WXYZ Detroit). He also appeared on Tuesday’s episode of Smackdown, attacking Heath Slater, and unless we’re shockingly mistaken, became the first human to win a primary and appear on WWE TV in the same night.

The best part? His next opponent is named Abdullah. No, sadly not that one.

The WWE Superstar took down two Republican opponents in the primary, winning by only 54 votes as of 11:30 p.m. Though he had the highest vote total, he had yet to be officially named the Republican Primary winner.

As the winner of the Republican Primary, he would now face Abdullah Hammoud, the winner of the 15th District Democratic primary, in November’s general election.

Rhyno, as he’s known to wrestling fans, is running to represent part of Dearborn in the Michigan State House. He chose to run for office under his real name, Terrance Guido Gerin.

Before we’re all dead, somebody please get Rhyno into a political race against one of the Gores.