Ric Flair Is Out Of Surgery, But His Condition Is Still Quite Serious

Ric Flair, the consensus greatest pro wrestler of all time, was hospitalized over the weekend. While his representatives initially said he was in the hospital for “routine monitoring,” they later asked for “prayers and positive energy,” as Flair was dealing with “tough medical issues.” On Monday, news broke that Flair had been placed in an induced medical coma and was being prepared for surgery.

Those select few in the know who were talking about Flair confirmed that his condition was quite serious, and many of his peers asked fans to send support and positive vibes. The specifics of Flair’s condition or what surgery he was undergoing are still not being disclosed, but it is clear that there is significant concern from all parties with knowledge of the situation.

On Monday night, Flair’s representatives announced that the WWE Hall of Famer is out of surgery, that the surgery was not heart-related, and that there is still “a long road ahead” for his recovery.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter provided a few more specifics, and made a comparison between Flair’s situation and that of his father, who recently passed away. Meltzer wrote on the Observer message board:

He’s out of surgery.

It’s good that he’s out of surgery.

It’s still real bad. I had it just told to me in some detail, not exactly identical, but very similar to what happened to my dad. However, his kidneys are functioning which is the main difference and no cancer issues.

Meltzer had earlier reported on the WON site that Flair’s situation is still “extremely serious.” Gener Okerlund, meanwhile, posted on Facebook that it was his understanding Flair’s surgery was related to his colon, not his heart.

Flair’s family is reportedly with him at the hospital as he recovers from surgery, so allow us at With Spandex to add our voices to the outpouring of the many fans and pro wrestlers who with him a complete and speedy recovery.

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