Indie Wrestling Star Ricochet Confirmed He Is Now A Free Agent … Kind Of

WWE fans have been dying for the company to sign Ricochet for some time now. For his part, the viral sensation would “love” to work for WWE (although not in the cruiserweight division), but he has been held up for a while (which isn’t a negative thing) due to a contract with Lucha Underground. But it looks like 2017 might be the year we finally see Ricochet make the jump.

Well, I mean, he makes jumps literally all the time, but I’m talking about a metaphorical jump here.

During an interview with Solo Wrestling in Madrid, which you can see in full at the bottom of this post, Ricochet fielded a question about Lucha Underground, and whether he sees himself sticking around with the company until a rumored seventh season.

“Again, everything’s open. I’m open to anything, but … I know where I want to go, and I know where I need to be to get there, and that’s kind of what I’ve been thinking about. I’ve still got a lot of things I want to do in Japan. I’ve got a lot of things I want to do, even in the States, I’ve got a couple things I want to do, and check off the checklist.

“But like I said, you know what? Anything’s an option right now. Again, just keeping my options open and seeing what’s out there for me.”

Later in the interview, he was more explicitly asked about whether he’d like to join his best friends Apollo Crews and Akira Tozawa in WWE.

“Anything’s possible, I’m keeping my options open. Like I said earlier, I’ve got a couple more things that I want to try to check off the checklist. The IWGP Junior Heavyweight title, I want that title so bad. I want that title more than I want any other title in wrestling right now. I want to try to have a good run with that IWGP Junior Heavyweight title. I want to be in at least one more Super Junior [Tournament], possibly win one more Super Junior. I’d like to go to a couple more countries … I want to do a couple more things before I go over [to WWE] and have to abide by their schedule.”

He said he hopes to go to WWE in the future, but at the moment, he enjoys what he’s doing. And on the following question, being asked whether he’s allowed to work for Ring Of Honor under his current contract, he finally dropped the bomb.

“I’m no longer under contract with Lucha Underground. I still do have a no-compete clause … so I cannot compete until Season 3 is over, and then they just extended Season 3, so it’s going to be even longer, so we’ll see what happens. I would love to work for Ring of Honor, but at this moment, I’m kind of handcuffed, and I can’t.”

He also confirmed that he was never contacted for the Cruiserweight Classic (which, obviously, because he was super duper under contract at that time), and agrees that 205 Live hasn’t quite found its legs yet, but thinks that can definitely get there in time.

So while we won’t be seeing Ricochet in WWE until Lucha Underground Season 3 wraps up — at the very soonest — the season should conclude after the Best of the Super Juniors in New Japan … so Ricochet has a good few months to get going on his checklist.